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RV Renting School
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RV Renting School

Don’t let your RV sit in your driveway gathering dust... There’s a better way that 1,000s of RVers across the country are using to help offset their monthly payments, bring in some extra cash, and in some cases even pay off their RV FAR ahead of schedule. 

What these people are doing is renting out their RV when it isn’t in use. Now... IF everything goes great with renting your RV, there are no problems. And the renting process is easy… until things potentially go wrong.

That’s why we’ve created a course that will take you through the RV renting process to show you step-by-step exactly how to rent out your RV to make money on the side and avoid costly pitfalls.

This course comes with unlimited access for a one-time payment of $197 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"In just 35 days we made enough revenue from our RV rental to cover over 9 full months of payments including insurance! We still got to use our RV when we wanted, but instead of sitting in the driveway it made us some additional revenue."

Rented Out: 9 times for 35 days between July 15th and Sept 15th.
RV Used: 2020 Winnebago Travato 59G
Average Nightly Rate: $329
Total Booked Revenue: $10,900
Net Revenue: $7,940

-Josh Whitford / Lindsay Stordahl

What's Included

✅ 2 Weeks of Material
✅ Community Support
✅ Lifetime Access
✅ Free Additional Content Updates
✅ One Price



Over the course of two weeks, we’ll walk you through the entire process of renting out your RV including:

  • Pros & Cons of Renting
  • How to Avoid Common Problems
  • How Much Money You Realistically Can Make
  • Rental Insurance Ins and Outs
  • Preparing and Stocking Your RV
  • Filling up Your Booking Calendar
  • Optimizing Your Listing for Maximum Return
  • And so much more!


One of the best features of this course is the ability for you to engage with your peers and ask our experts questions.

This is a place for you to learn from others in real-time what is or isn’t working, right now!

Have a unique situation that has you stumped or want feedback on a marketing strategy? The community is there to help!

Quarterly Calls

Listen to our quarterly calls live or recorded at your convenience. We hold quarterly calls with industry experts, marketing directors of booking sites, insurance agents, successful RV rental businesses to name a few.

As part of the community, you help decide the questions that get asked for maximum value.

You’ll have unlimited and lifetime access to these calls and won’t be charged anything additional ever!

For the launch of RV Renting School, you will receive lifetime access to the entire course, including all future content, community support and quarterly calls with industry experts.

You’ll also receive our best selling RV Buying Guide, plus bonuses, for free (an additional $47 value).

This course is loaded with additional resources and downloads to help make your RV renting journey streamlined and profitable.

Over the course of two weeks, we’ll walk you through the entire process of renting out your RV including:

  • Pros & Cons
  • How to Avoid Common Problems
  • How Much Money You Realistically Can Make
  • Rental Insurance Ins and Outs
  • Preparing and Stocking Your RV
  • Filling up Your Booking Calendar
  • Optimizing Your Listing for Maximum Return
  • And so much more!

Course Outline

Before You Begin Renting

  • The Reasons Why You SHOULD Rent Out Your RV
  • What You Should Consider Before Even THINKING About Renting Your RV
  • How Much Money You Can Expect
  • How To Determine If Your Area Is An “RV Renting Hotspot”
  • How To Choose The Right RV For Renting If You Don’t Already Own One
  • How To Understand, Navigate, And Avoid The Pitfalls Of Different RV Rental Insurances (and the best one to choose to make sure you’re fully covered)

Once You're Committed & Have An RV

  • How To “Dummy-Proof” Your RV To Avoid Accidents And Breakage From Renters
  • What To Stock In Your RV For Renters (and how to make extra money on “upsell packages” for your rental)
  • The Best Places To List Your RV For Rent (and how to create a profile that will make your RV stand out from the crowd)
  • Our Best Practices And Step-By-Step Guide To Vetting And Communicating With Potential Renters Before Arrival
  • A “Standard Operating Procedure” Checklist For Renter Check-in and Check-out To Minimize Your Liability
  • A List Of Extra Helpful Gadgets You Can Install On Your RV To Keep It From Getting Stolen, Stop Renter Unauthorized Use, And Minimize Potential Accidents
  • An Answer To The Question - “Should I Register As An LLC or Not?”
  • An Overview Of Things You Should Know For Accounting And Tax Ramifications

Optimizing Your Rental Process

How To Improve Your RV “Turn-Around Process”
What You Need To Know If You’re “Renting Solo” (aka not on RV Rental Platform)
Marketing Ideas And Strategies To Increase Your Number Of RV Rentals
And much more to be released...

BONUS - RV Buying Guide

75+ page digital guide to help you with your next RV purchase. Learn where you can save thousands of dollars in the buying process, what the right questions are to ask dealers, what things to look out for, how to select the right unit, amenities, warranties, and so much more! Includes Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist, Step-by-Step Buying Checklist, and RV Buying Questions Checklist.

There are two types of people where it makes a lot of sense to start renting out an RV. The first type is if you’re considering the RV Lifestyle and are 2-5 years out from retirement, getting an RV and renting it out can be the perfect way to dip your toes in.

Because you’re still working, you probably will only be using your rig a few times a month (and probably not during the week), that means the rest of the time it can be up on a rental site and making you money!

By owning and renting out your RV, you can also start getting familiar with all the systems (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) on your RV before you go take that multi-week trip or go full-time.

The second is if you already have an RV and want to make some money to cover the payments.

RVs are expensive purchases and depending on how much you’re using it, that $800+ payment each month can be a large drag on your finances.

In this course, we’ll cover how much you can likely make renting out your rig and how many people we’ve seen have covered their entire YEAR of payments just by renting out their RV for a month.

Get Community Training Support

The community portion of RV Renting School is a place where you can ask us your questions in real-time! Discuss RV renting strategies with other members such as:

  • What to Charge Per Night
  • How to Vet Clients
  • How to Fill Your Booking Calendar
  • What’s going well for your peers
  • Common mistakes to avoid

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't LOVE this course and community, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Let me tell you why. I invite you to go through the course and engage with the community.

Take that information and apply it to your own RV rental. You'll see that this course offers a ton of value and tips on how to save time, increase revenue and prepare for your first rental.

This should help take the guesswork out of renting your RV.

So go ahead: grab a spot now see for yourself.

This is a fully designed, curated and moderated course & community. You can begin today and start immediately on your phone, tablet or computer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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